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S1 E6 Adventures of SingleMomDom: The One With The Stalker


Adventures of SingleMomDom S1 E1 : The one where i D.A.R.E.D

Welcome to the first video! Just a little bit of this and that and also how I D.A.R.E.D to say No in Mexico to Cocaina, La Marijuana and de Molly like a proper 80s kid.

Adventures of SingleMomDom S1 E2: The one about the wedding

At 41 I’m the last single person in my immediate family and I’ve been given rules and expectations on how to behave at my sister’s wedding, starting with “Don’t take grandma out during the bouquet toss” oh and stuff about how im a El Camino compared to the Teslas in the Dating world

Adventures of SingleMomDom S1 E3: The one about the Oregon Trail

Trash punch, The Oregon trail and being raised by a teen mom in the MTV era Also check out Michael’s podcast at

SI E4: The one with the soulmate

Virgo and the Lion, If you’re lucky in life you get to meet that one special person and then because the gods hate me, it just doesn’t work out. My love letter to the Lion. And if you want to listen to the soundtrack “mix tape” I made- click here:

S1 E5 Adventures of Singlemomdom : The One with The Mic Drop

Michaels here! AND i got him to semi match me by wearing shirts. But take a look at what its like to grow up in our house and the fun we have.

S1 E6 Adventures of Singlemomdom: The One with the Stalker

Its been a week and i decided to give out awards- the First ever “What Fresh Hell Awards” to the suckiest things that happened last week, with the biggest award going to the President of my Fan Club

A single mom trying to find her place in the world

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