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Merry Christmas from Us

It’s a major award! I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do.  He’s such a good sport, though slightly embarrassed he’s great to put up with my shenanigans and paying homage to my favorite holiday movie A Christmas Story

Happy holidays with love, 

Denise & Michael 

For the love of Pi

pi-day-2015  Its March 14 and do you know what that means? Its Pi day! (3.14159265359) Yep 3/14 and in our house that means we celebrate with pies! As i type I’m trying to figure out a Taco pie and an Apple pie that i can whip together for us after work today!

Why the fuss? Well, I’ll tell you. It started with a 5 year old kid (my kid) and his love of math. He was introduced to pi in school and became instantly fascinated with the irrational endless number. Everything was pi! When you would ask him and still to this day what his favorite number is – hell respond with pi. If you ask him to rate something on a scale of 1-10 and he really likes it, he’ll bypass 10 and go straight to pi. That’s when you know you have a winner! Chicken and broccoli? 8, soup? 2 , fruit loops? pi, Pizza, Nachos, brownies? duh pi.

So you can only imagine my delight when during our usual game of outdoing each other took a turn for awesome. Normally i would start off with “I love you more than all the stars in the sky” and he would try to top it by saying something along the lines of “I love you more than all the drops of water on earth” this would go on and on and on until we would come up with something ridiculous and the other would concede. Well one day he said “Mommy, I love you more than pi” More than pi?!! How could that be? That’s a never ending number?! Be still my heart for my baby boy loves me more than pi! The time after that he said he loved me “more than pi times pi” – woo this is serious business we are now multiplying pi!  Now he has eve sprinkled in “I love you more that pi times pi times infinity” Holy cow batman! I don’t know about you guys out there but i think Ive hit the mother-load (ha-ha)


For the love of pi

All kidding aside i love this about him. It has been 6 years since that was introduced and at 11 years old he still say he loves me more than pi and uses the rating system. Which is why this past year it was only right to get a little tattoo honoring him.

So from myself and my kid- i hope your day is more awesome than Pi. Go celebrate and Treat yo’ self to a slice in solidarity!


Hey kid- do ya like my tattoo?

mike approval

My kids approval lol ***for those that don’t know me and Awesome kids dynamic we are very close and being a single mom have a checks and balance dynamic. I’m not asking for permission or real approval here. This is for funsies. I’m a real mom too lol

Adventure #3 Go Where the wind takes you


Today i was sitting in my house bored to death wearing the suburban uniform (t-shirt, yoga pants and flip-flops, hair in a messy bun) and truth be told I felt bad about myself. My son had left for the evening to spend time with his father and I was battling the never-ending loneliness that one gets. So I was going through Facebook and i kept seeing a lot of self-care posts from my One Bad Mother group and I thought “these women are amazing and they are making time for themselves and that’s what I’ll do”

I called a few friends but they were busy and then I began to get sad again until I thought well let’s just go do some self-care of my own and we’ll see where we end up. So I went upstairs put on my new favorite dress and got in the car. I pulled out of the driveway and stopped as I didn’t know where i was going to end up. Then I looked at my feet which resembled dusty concrete blocks and decided I would start with fixing these bad boys. Once I was in the chair at the nail salon I relaxed and thought yeah this is nice but when it was done I had nowhere to go. So I sat in my car again and thought I’ll just drive and if I see something cool I’ll stop. Reminding myself that the reason I started this experiment was to take myself out of my comfort zone as I hate doing things by myself and I feel like a loser.

So I drove, then I decided that I would go price out this tattoo that I’ve been wanting-but won’t actually get. I pull into the parking lot of the tattoo parlor which happens to be next to an adult store and I laugh because I think I wonder what people think as they walk up to the adult store just then the door swings open and a very happy man emerges. I mean he’s all shits and giggles happy and I ponder “what’s making you so happy in the adult store sir” and then we lock eyes and i don’t know the protocol here. Do I smile? Curtsy, tip my imaginary hat and say good day sir? Instead I look quickly away and scurry to the back of the building to the tattoo parlor.

I walk into Ink and Dagger Tattoo parlor and right away in impressed with how clean and cool the place looks. The guy behind the desk Josh greets me immediately and I quicken my walk to him as I kinda feel like a mini loser asking for this tiny tattoo when clearly these people are major artists. I explain to him what I want and he then asks one of the artists, Savannah if she can do a quick tattoo. “Shit it’s go time y’all” Now Savannah walks out, a younger, beautiful woman with some pretty killer tattoos, an equally bad ass nose ring and I swear the best make up job I’ve seen in ages! She’s already like 100x cooler than me on a good day. She’s sweet and very accommodating to my idea. I wonder if secretly she thinks I’m a basic chick who sips on pumpkin lattes and picked my design off the Internet from some picture taken at Coachella. Savannah listened to my story. I explained that my son is a huge nerd but amazing and that I wanted to get something that symbolized him but i didn’t want to get his name (in the off-chance that he grew up to be a serial killer and then I’m stuck with his name-. I mean come on let’s be realistic) I tell her that my son often tells me he loves me more than pi -as in the infinite number that never ends. Sometimes he loves me pi x pi + infinity. So I tell her I would like a pi symbol on my left wrist because he’s left handed. She drew it up, we added a heart and 30 minutes later I was done. I love it! I was worried that my son who’s 11 ( but was born an 80-year-old man on the inside) and what he would think. As earlier this year he disapproved of a leather jacket I bought and said that I was headed down the wrong path and it would lead me to getting tattoos and joining a gang. I gently reminded him that i already had a tattoo and that i would wait to join the gang until he left for college. So i sent my boss the picture and he said it was awesome and i got a happy face emoji with sunglasses. So that means I’m killing it y’all. Either way I left and then took myself out to dinner and decided that i like this idea. The throwing caution to the wind and seeing where life takes you. I may do this a few times. I’m feeling myself grow already. ♡