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Awesome Parent Shout Out- Yolanda M.


Mom to an awesome spunky, smart girl – you know i had to give the spotlight to the bestie today

What your kids call you: Mommy

Your Passion: doing my best as a Christian, wife and mother

Funniest Mom Memory: I’ll read things to her and she will tell me that I am wrong, since it’s in Spanish (which it is not) then will proceed to “translate” it for me correctly

Most difficult time being a parent: when I needed to go back to work and my nanny situation fell through.  I couldn’t bear the thought of sending her to daycare.

If you could give someone advice what would it be: relax; be present; enjoy each and every moment


Awesome Parent Shout Out- Henry


Name: Henry B.

What your kids call you: My son calls me Dad & my daughter calls me Daddy

Your Passion: I’m passionate about education and extracurricular activities. I want to expose my kids to everything and give them the opportunity to achieve whatever they desire in life.

Funniest parenting Memory: my 5 year old daughter tells my 10 year old son, he’s smart, but not smart smart… I asked her to explain and she says, if he were smart smart, he’d learn how to stay outta trouble!

Most difficult time being a parent: when anyone I the house is sick!

If you could give someone advice what would it be: being a father is the hardest job in the world, but it’s also the most rewarding. I get the opportunity to shape the minds of two impressionable children and prepare them to do greater things than I can even imagine

1000+ views!

10001000 VIEWS!! I cant believe it! I really want to just thank each of you for taking time out of your day to visit my blog. Ive always wanted to write and it took a leap of courage to do this and to have it received so well warms my heart. I’m hoping that i wont let you down and as i grow in spirit and strength that the website also reflects that.

I’m amazed that something that started off so small has reached so many people. Take a look at this map! These are all the countries that have heard my heart and read my words. In places i only dreamed of visiting, in a way a part of me has been there through you. So again Thank you!


countriesAnd i did want to leave  you with this.


Go out and be AWESOME



Awesome Parent Shout Out- Heather

Name: Heather PHeather

Kids Call Me: Mom

Funniest Parenting Moment: Owen was sitting in a bubble bath at age 2 and got really still so i asked him if he was peeing in the tub and he said no and started playing again. Then he got really still again and i said are you pooping in the bathtub and he said no. I said well what are you doing. He stood up and was holding his family jewels and said mom, i have eggs in my pee pee! So i called my mom for some help on how to handle and she says “Tell him the Easter Bunny brought them!” LOL

Most difficult time being a parent: I made the decision to leave my kids’ father when they were very young, knowing it was going to put a burden on them for the rest of their lives. I deal with the struggle daily when they are upset about the split custody. We have 50/50 custody so i only see them every other week and it is very hard coming to grips with missing half of my children’s lives.

Advice: All that space those babies took up inside of you while you were pregnant never goes away. It just gets filled with guilt…I know all of you mom’s feel this way constantly. We have to give ourselves a break and know that we are doing the best we can. We’ll never be perfect moms, but if love counts…I know 100% I’m winning.

Awesome Parent Shout Out! – Lisa S


Name: Lisa S.

My kids call me: Mom My husband’s kids call me: Stepity Mom

My passion: my passion changes at different times of my life. Currently my passion is creating a “Normal” life for my family.

Funniest Parenting Memory: One memory that sticks out is after each of my kids 1st camping trips. We taught them to pee outside, so when they came home they didn’t want to use the bathroom. My daughter would just go on the floor in her room and my son would go out to the backyard. It was fun getting them back to normal.

Most difficult time being a parent: When I got remarried and moved 2 families in together. Everyone has different wants, needs and levels of cleanliness. Slowly, but surely we are all creating our own “home” and everyone is finding their place.

Advice: Let your kids sleep with you for as long as they want, because they are only so little for so long and you don’t get that time back. I swear I blinked when my daughter was 5 and now she is 15.