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1000+ views!

10001000 VIEWS!! I cant believe it! I really want to just thank each of you for taking time out of your day to visit my blog. Ive always wanted to write and it took a leap of courage to do this and to have it received so well warms my heart. I’m hoping that i wont let you down and as i grow in spirit and strength that the website also reflects that.

I’m amazed that something that started off so small has reached so many people. Take a look at this map! These are all the countries that have heard my heart and read my words. In places i only dreamed of visiting, in a way a part of me has been there through you. So again Thank you!


countriesAnd i did want to leave  you with this.


Go out and be AWESOME



Awesome Parent Shout Out – Tara

TaraKids call me: Mom

Passion: Family – Everything I do in life is for the love of my family – Kids, Husband, Parents, Siblings, Cousins, Aunts/Uncles. What is life without the love of those around you!

Funniest time: I love the honesty of children! When my son was 3 he walked into his pre-school classroom and announced that “I love water and Mommy loves Wine” – He was 100% accurate!

Hardest time: The times of worry – the sleepless nights when you just can’t figure out what is wrong with your sweet, crying baby! Worrying about their first day of school and making friends. Worrying about am I doing all the right things? “Mommy” is really the toughest, most rewarding job any of us will ever have!!

Advice – Live in the moment and love today for all that it is! These years are flying by and I have always been so excited about what is next – sitting up, walking, talking, first recital, first game and the next thing you know we have rushed through all of these amazing stages!! Enjoy every moment because it goes so fast. Our days are so crazy as we run from school and work to practice and games and parties and errands – but soak it all in – take pictures, take videos and make memories!!