The Balanced Ones

Life of the party. This is actually 🔥


All my time has been focused on my freedom now Why would I join ’em when I know that I can beat ’em now? They put their words on me, and they can eat ’em now That’s probably why they keep on tellin’ me I’m needed now They tried to box me out while takin’ what they want from me I spent too many years living too uncomfortably Lauryn Hill, Nobody


Number 2 feat KSI, Future & 21 Savage


A Tribe Called Quest

“I like ’em bown, yellow, Puerto Rican and Haitian” – Electric Relaxation

Nikka Costa

You push and you pull and struggle with the knot
It’s tying you up while you’re fadin’
You give and you take and take what you got
Round and round ’till it breaks and
You push and you pull and struggle with the knot
It’s tying you up while you’re fadin’ into your lie-Push n Pull

The Lumineers

But I must admit it, that I would marry you in an instant
Damn your wife, I’d be your mistress just to have you around
But I was late for this, late for that, late for the love of my life
And when I die alone, when I die alone, when I die I’ll be on time,- Cleopatra


500 Miles remake. Now i love the Proclaimers version, but this version, oh lord this version i want to get engaged to lol its perfect
I heard this song when i was 5. I fell in love and could listen to this everyday
Because sometimes you need to turn up your speakers really high and passivly throw an FU to an ex while you drive by.
Smif n Wessun. I loved Hip hop and then i LOVED hip hop and it started with this song- i got to meet them too. This solidified my stance on the East Coast West Coast Stance- EAST COAST
How could you not have Rolling Stones on your list and say you like music?
Its Maxwell. Ive seen him in concert 5 times. Bummed i didnt get to make a baby to his album
The beat, the flow, the nostalgia. This will never get old. This is how we chill from 93′ till.
This really should be #1. Dream a little Dream. One day ill slow dance with someone to this
Groove Theory really should have been a bigger deal. The talent here
Can i really have a witchy presence if i dont at least honor the White Witch?
I’d die without you. 13 year old Denise used to pretend there was someone who loved me and was singing this to me. There wasnt, but i love this song.
Talib Kweli- concious rap, nuff said
Dont Judge Me. I have a dance routine to this. I refuse to aplogize
Lost Boys. I owned every album.
Because this girl came out of nowhere and sounded so different. i love this entire album

A single mom trying to find her place in the world

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