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Life of the party

OK so one more shameless plug. My kid and his friends created a band. I drove him back and forth to the studio not really paying mind to what they were doing. Then he played me their first song the other night and I was like “whaaaat?”

When I was 15, I was drinking MadDog, trying to sneak into night clubs and MTVs Spring Break at Club LaVela. I must certainly was not in the studio creating original mixes, my own company and holding business meetings every Monday at 7pm. Yes, they do this. I’m very proud and totally stan GenZ.

They are what GenX could have been, had our parents known where we were and cultivated our brains. So anyway take a listen I promise it’s not some horrible song only a mother could love. It’s a banger! Let me know what yall think and if you like it, go support these kids on their Instagram at @officialbalancedonesmusic and on SoundCloud, Tik, Tok and YouTube by clicking the icon below. Thanks guys!


Dramatic Scene #1

Scene: Me picking up Michael to go to his Open House to get his schedule and meet the teachers etc.

Backstory: Last year they were virtual with the exception when Michael went in person however for the first time in my life i didn’t get to meet his teachers in person. I did develop a friendship with one via e-mail though and we quickly became friends, She is like a kindred spirit and was Mics favorite teacher. So we made a plan that when Michael graduated we would be real life friends- she’s ridiculous and I joked that on the graduation field we were going to run to each other and hug. (she’s extra like me)

Me: Michael – I’m only coming in for one thing today Michael: what’s that? Me: I’m going to meet XXX! Michael: OH YEAH! her class room is in the history hall right next to my new AP history class ME: ZOMG! MICHAEL! I haven’t met her in person yet! ITS ABOUT TO GET REAL WIERD!! I’m just letting you know when I see her I’m going to be super extra and hug her and I cant stop myself from being this excited for meeting her! (seriously cool ass human/teacher) Michael: psssh. I don’t get embarrassed by anything you do. I know you’re extra. Me: BET

We head towards the hallway and its damn near empty and she is at the middle of the hallway. Michael goes “There she is” Teacher: (yells) MICHAEL! (Because he’s hard to miss) and then she pans over and realized MOM is here AND when I tell you that this mirror soul kindred spirit and I threw our arms in the air, screamed and ran towards each other to hug. it was as ridiculous as it sounds. It was like two friends who haven’t seen each other since childhood. Michael was cracking up. People were looking and we both said “I CANT BELIEVE WEVE NEVER MET IN PERSON” To which I’m sure to the parents watching it just looked weird. I love meeting cool ass humans. And yeah Michael expected the both of us to be that extra- he said I can see it now, in 2 years you two will be on the side of the road drunk on margaritas. Duh hashtag-goals

He humors me and puts up with me.. but i know my future and its going to end up with me in a home ūüėČ

Dramatic Scene #2

Scene: Pulling up to Open House for Michael. In parking lot

Me: Dude, is it ok to come in with you? its not gonna be weird right you don’t need me your in the 11th grade Michael: (gives me a side eye) i don’t care if you come in Me: ok, cool but ill just hang back so it doesn’t look like you need your mom to come with you Michael: I don’t care about that Me: Yeah, so the teachers don’t think I’m smothering you or that I’m like Beverly Goldberg Michael: but you ARE Beverly Goldberg Me: Yeah.. but its different (then a lightbulb hits) Me: HOWEVER! I am technically here on “official” capacity Michael: WHAT DO YOU MEAN? Me: I joined the PTA, I’m on the Band Boosters and the FFA and I signed up to be a chaperone again Michael: YOU WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO ANY OF THAT?! You said you were tired and you were going to take it easy Me: i have a problem. I cant even help myself at this moment Michael: (Rolls his eyes) Come on, and don’t sign up for anything else Me: BUT What if MODEL UN needs a chaperone?? Michael: (stares) Me: fine…come here let me take a picture for the ‘gram Michael: Cheezus.. fine.

If It Doesn’t Bring You Joy

lifeDepression can really keep you away from the things you love. I’ve been “away” from this blog for exactly one year. Its crazy. To me it had just felt like a mere few months, but that’s how it works. It robs you of your time and if you don’t get a hold of it will take away your joy. Continue reading If It Doesn’t Bring You Joy

Get Rid of 100 Things: Chapter 1

Happy New Year everyone!! Its been a while since I’ve written and it’s simply or rather not simply been because the latter half of 2017 was whirlwind. It happens. I helped plan our high schools 20th reunion this past September, Kiddo was struggling with turning in his work on time and grades were suffering because 13 year olds…amirite? And then the holidays of course. I ended up having emergency surgery in December Continue reading Get Rid of 100 Things: Chapter 1

Help me Tom Cruise,  Oprah and Baby Jesus 

I just burst out in tears, not my proudest moments as a parent but we all have these moments sometimes where we just fall apart.¬† I dare any parent to tell me otherwise. Recently I¬† have entered the wonderful world teenage years.¬† This is the area where your baby starts to define who they are,¬† they test boundaries,¬† they grow,¬† they dont need you,¬† but still need you so much.¬† To me it’s like revisiting the toddler years but with testosterone Continue reading Help me Tom Cruise,¬† Oprah and Baby Jesus¬†