Keeping track of the  adventures as i go ♡

1) Joined a dating site
2) Became a writer  (blog)
3) Got a tattoo
4) Indoor Triathlon  (1/3/16 )
5) Partied like a Rockstar NYE!
6) Taught myself to use a Bush Hog
7) Had LapBand surgery
8) Learning French
9) Met and had dinner with a group on Moms on FB that i had never met
10)Became an admin of a popular podcast group on FB
11) Began my hiking adventures to find waterfalls
12)Went to lunch and dinner out by myself
13) Signed up for PTA
14) Googled and successfully taught myself basic AC maintenance
15) Date from Hell
16) Drinks and fun on a Rooftop Bar                                                                                                        17) Went on a Haunted Cemetery Tour                                                                                  18) Attended Walker Stalker Con with the kiddo                                                                                     19) Me and the Kid crashed an Atlanta Falcons Tailgate party

20) Traveled to Chicago

21) Hailed my first cab- like they do in the movies! Fancy!

22) My son played on the Atlanta Hawks court before their game and got to hi five the players

23) Marched beside other activists in the Women’s March.

24) Danced onstage with an 80s cover band to Pour some sugar on me 😉