The Village

ittakesavillageI know I have said it many times and maybe even wrote about it here a time or two, but it goes without saying that i couldn’t do any of this without The Village.Yes, it sounds cliché. Its corny. We’ve all heard the saying “it takes a village” But there’s a reason that saying has been around forever, because its true! Well, at least for me it is.

So to my Village, this is my love letter to you.

Dear You,

Yes you. You magnificent human soul who for some reason or another has chosen me to be your friend or to just check in from time to time. We have an amazing kid. He’s 14 now, smart, kind, humble, sassy, sometimes moody, beautiful. He has freckles and is tall and clumsy and talented. He loves little kids and animals. He memorizes facts and remembers little details. He has this laugh, this incredible laugh that he doesn’t realize has saved him from so many moments of getting fussed at. He has insomnia. Has had it from the day of creation. There has never in his life been a night he has slept through since he was born. And remember the laugh? well its how he starts his days, its how i know he’s awake. He sneaks the TV or phone on and watches something, and even though he tries to be quiet, he has this belly laugh. It wakes me up, nearly every day. And i sit there quietly listening, because it is my favorite sound in the world. I don’t care if it is 2 a.m on a school night, ill never interrupt his laugh, hell never get in trouble for being awake as long as i hear the laugh. He has no idea i sit and listen.

He’s confident and wise and seeks counsel. He researches and researches things until he understands all sides before making any decisions. Hes fair. He is a sm20190517_181802art ass, just like his mama. He is musically talented like his father. He is an old soul. He is amazing. He grates my last nerves, he talks back, hes helpful and curious. He is thoughtful and sweet.

And he is partly all of these things because of you.

Many times, I’ve called or texted or posted on social media my concerns. Many times, ive told funny stories or asked about what I should do. Remember that Harlem Globetrotters Jersey he wanted to wear for days on end? It was you who told me to let him stand up for his conviction. When i freaked out about the high school courses? it was You who walked me through my concerns. When i bought our first home, you celebrated with us. When he’s been in the doctor’s office yet again for another sports related injury, you checked in on him. When he was sad and giving me hell, You let me bring him over and drove around with him to get his head right. When he was getting on my nerves and talking back, You made him run the football field for an attitude adjustment. When he wanted to play basketball that year and i couldn’t afford it, You paid for it. When he got slapped by that kid for the Yo Mama joke, You cheered because it meant he won! You have been there for every first day of school. You have shared your lives with us and included us in your prayers. You have shared your stories on growing up and how racism or bullying had an impact on you. You told us about how it was growing up in split household. You are a part of our life even though you may not see us everyday. You fed us. You picked him up when i was in the hospital. You threw him in the pile as if he was your own. You scolded him when his brain froze and he lost his mind. You sent me articles about dinosaurs. You celebrated Pi Day or helped us vote on our next Halloween costume. You came to take care of hims o i could work. You are my Village. You are my support. You are how i get through this. And so i thank you!

But were not done, we still have to get through high school, prom, driving, first jobs, college applications, kisses and sex and drugs and liquor and late nights. We still have to get through testosterone and independence and rebellion. We have to deal with heartbreak and first loves and possibly the death of his first dog in a few years (she is also 14) Our work is not done. And I hope you stick around and realize that friend, family, internet friend or support you are a part of our lives our Village and we couldn’t have done it without you, and i hope you see him as your own.




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