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Adventure Completed- I am a Triathlete!



Yes this totally happened! Yes it was hard af! Yes I should have trained better and not been hellbent on bingeing TV shows. Yes I almost drowned because Mr. Iron-man Junior with the rock hard abs and the cute speedo shorts was zooming past me at lightning speed. Yes- my inner spirit animal- Mr. Samuel L Jackson came out to cuss during my bike portion. Yes i did this with a hangover from the epic NYE partying over the weekend. Yes this was nuts and i couldn’t have done it without my squad who fed me jelly beans and sips of coffee in between transitions because technically i was an extra on the walking dead.


Squad Goals: Ahissa (far left- my sista from anotha mista) and my adrenaline junkie inspiring me to do crazy shit friend Tasha (in the red, center)

But seriously i have such a newfound respect for these amazing people that do the Triathlons. My heart is beaming with pride for my friend Tasha who has turned this life into a passion. I feel bad that I didn’t do as great as i could have out of pure laziness. But there is always a sprint or next year to go for. ūüėČ


I don’t know my results. That’s not really what i was going for. This was more of a challenge for me and a slight adrenaline rush. I know my truth lol but I do feel really cool accomplishing something new.

Swim                                    Bike                                        Run


So¬† I leave you with this for the new year and I hope you all take it as a personal challenge to “Go out and be AWESOME! ‚ô•”




An amazing year awaits us

An amazing year awaits us


Hey friends! Happy new year to you all! Its been a busy week so far and I must say I’m having the time of my life¬† I don’t even know where to begin!

I guess ill start with NYE. I had a rare opportunity to actually spend time by myself for the first time in 11 years! My son’s father asked if our son could spend the holiday with him and i jumped at the chance! Knowing full well that everyone had already made plans for the night I decided to go with the trusted and true non plan that always seems to work well for me. “Go where the wind blows you” So in true Denise fashion, i decided it was a Treat Yo’ Self opportunity. I booked a hotel room in Midtown Atlanta and went to look for something in my closet that said “fabulous and I haven’t been stuck in a Mom rut for 11 years” After much inspiration from Sex and the City outfits (Ive been re-watching the seasons over the Christmas holidays) i slapped on some great red shoes, called my personal version of Mr. Big and we hit the town. This is what i came up with – i think I would have made Carrie proud.


Amazing what a 10 year old dress, a sparkly bra and a leather belt will do for a girl


The most fabulous pair of red shoes in existence

NYE was magical and full of fun, drinks flowed and we participated in the revelry of it all. I will just add that it was quite epic- all i can say is that in true spirit of the Hangover I woke up in a strange place, a ring on my left finger, hooker eyeliner smeared and noises coming from the room. Thank gawd it didn’t involve a tiger and¬† yes i had to piece the night together. I don’t care what your friends tell you- Tequila makes you forget things! I couldn’t have asked for a better night to close out 2015. I cant wait to see what adventures are in store for me this year and how it will grow.

My wish for you dear friends is that you may have a year full of love, laughter, peace, joy, blessings and wild adventures!

Go out and be AWESOME! ‚ô•