Sometimes you just have to date yourself


It’s Monday,  the start of my workweek.  I woke up feeling particularly good today.  Slapped on my favorite black wrap dress,  styled my hair a bit and got my son ready for school.  He’s just come off thanksgiving break and me,  a four day weekend.  All is well. 
  About an hour and a half into my workday i get the call from the nurse that my son is sick and i need to pick him

up. I leave a little stressed because i know i have things that need to get done but the poor guy isn’t feeling well so off to school i go.  We arrive home and i get him settled make him some chicken and rice soup,  gingerale and crackers.  I make sure he does his math homework for the week, feed the dog and the cat,  pick up a little,  catch up on what i can from home in regards to work,  text his father to see if he can watch him at his house so i can go back to work.  After not hearing from him i resign to chasing into yoga pants and a tank.  I tell my son to go take a nap “the body heals while you sleep” i say and off he goes upstairs. 
  I take a short nap then log into HBO Now and decide to watch Sex and the City.  I know in 20 years late and i never got into it.  With my child asleep i can catch up on season 2. I remember my mother in her 30s watching this show and loving it,  i was busy being a teenager then a traveling twenty something so for me to sit still and watch TV was unheard of.  Now i find myself drawn to this show as a 36 year old single woman.  I kind of get it.  I relate on a small scale, cringe at how they behave in certain situations and cheer when it looks like they find the one,  jeer when i realize it’s not.  I get it,  the guilty pleasure of this show.  This show that aired about twenty years ago somehow applies to me today.  Except i don’t have a squad of women to party with or fancy restaurants to try. My days are filled with day to day things that i love. 
   I decide that since i haven’t been on a date in YEARS that for tonight i would cook a nice fancy dinner just for me.  So i did,  a roasted whole chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans,  and I’ll drink it down with a glass of wine.  My son is on soup and watching Jesse on TV so i sit in my sunroom.  It’s 70° even though it’s the last day of November.  I decide to dine out here with the sounds of the Spanish guitar playing from my Spotify list and i even lit a candle.  Aside from the cat and dog occasionally begging for food.  I have to say this is nice.  I should do this more often.  There’s no need for us to miss out on the nice date food or experiences because we’re single or mother’s or work really hard. It just takes a little preparation and the stars to line up just right.  Right now I’m transported to a little café in Barcelona,  i imagine im listening to live music and for a second I’m a new person. Keep dreaming people and don’t forget to do something for yourself ♡

-Go out & be awesome ♡ Denise

2 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to date yourself”

  1. I just got into Sex and the City about a year ago. Haven’t even watched all the episodes. I can get the single girl thing from the show but at the same time, some situations I don’t…I do cook everyday but more for a 2 year olds palette. Maybe I should go all out on a dinner for myself, take my time and enjoy a meal in silence. Never thought of it that way really?? Not a bad idea girl.


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