Awesome Parent Shout Out! – Dedrick G.


Name: Dedrick G

What my kid calls me: Daddy

My Passion: Marathon running, cooking, creating food (I’m a chef) Lol

Funniest Parenting Memory: Several. My son and I have competitions over, as we call it, “who is the funny one in this outfit.” Needless to say, I’m hilarious but he’s picking it up quickly. The best is when he assimilates something I say or do and uses it against me through his own personality.

Most Difficult Time Being a Parent: Dealing with the death of his mother. She died when he was 11 months old. We still deal with the emptiness of her loss. He still wakes up on occasion in the middle of the night because he misses his mommy. Even though he doesn’t remember her, he completely does.

If I Could Give Someone Advice What Would It Be: Every day is going to be difficult in some way or another. But everyday will make itself worth it through the smiles, and love and accomplishments that come with being a parent.

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