Awesome Parent Shout Out!- Carrie P.

carrieName: Carrie P
What your kids call you: Mom or Mommy
Your Passion: Music and the meaning of life
Funniest Parent Memory: There are so many but really just listening to the things that come out of my kids mouths is hilarious. All I can think is where did they get this from.
Most difficult time being a parent: Seems like every day of my life. Being a single mom of four has been a struggle financially, having mostly boys and the fighting, a messy house (I hate this especially if dishes are piled up in the sink), emotionally, having only one day out of the week where I’m not taking kids to dance or football. It’s all difficult but well worth it. It just makes me a stronger person even when I feel weak.
If you could give someone advice what would it be?: Before making any major decision in life really weigh all options. Never choose something for the idea or what you think it could be, take it as it is. Also, use condoms

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