The dating app gave up on me lol

The dating app is telling me that there are no matches for me ages 30-43 within 25 miles.  so then i expand the age and mileage to 50 miles and nada. And this dating app doesn’t even let you enter race or shit like that.  It fucking gave up on me lmao
  For those not familiar, I’m using an app called Coffee meets bagel.  This app pulls from your fb friends and tries to find people in common.  The only parameters you can enter are age and distance.  The rest is up to chance.  You get 1 match a day and you can pass or like.  If it’s a mutual like a chat window opens up and you have one week to make a connection after that it’s lost forever (not really) but kinda.  I matched with one guy and things seemed cool then he disappeared off the face of the earth.  Then today i get this.  The effing app has failed me y’all and i wasn’t even being picky! I’m laughing at this because this is utterly redonkulous. It’s a good thing I’m having fun doing everything else otherwise this would be devastating. Oh and don’t even ask me about Tinder. Womp Womp Womp


-Go out & be awesome ♡ Denise

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