Awesome Parent Shout Out! – Lisa S


Name: Lisa S.

My kids call me: Mom My husband’s kids call me: Stepity Mom

My passion: my passion changes at different times of my life. Currently my passion is creating a “Normal” life for my family.

Funniest Parenting Memory: One memory that sticks out is after each of my kids 1st camping trips. We taught them to pee outside, so when they came home they didn’t want to use the bathroom. My daughter would just go on the floor in her room and my son would go out to the backyard. It was fun getting them back to normal.

Most difficult time being a parent: When I got remarried and moved 2 families in together. Everyone has different wants, needs and levels of cleanliness. Slowly, but surely we are all creating our own “home” and everyone is finding their place.

Advice: Let your kids sleep with you for as long as they want, because they are only so little for so long and you don’t get that time back. I swear I blinked when my daughter was 5 and now she is 15.

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