Zee W.- Awesome Parent Shout Out!

ZEEName: Zee

Kids call me: mom, ms Zee and Zee

My passion: My career is helping others achieve the goal of home ownership. After recently becoming a manager with my company I have found a new passion with assisting my fellow agents achieve their goals of being a successful Real Estate agent. I look back on where I started as a single mom with no college degree working retail living paycheck to paycheck and living with my parents. I had my struggles but never gave up. I was given the opportunity of becoming a Realtor 14 years ago and ran with it. Now I own a home, am married and have a beautiful family. I am mentoring other agents to achieve their goals. My passion is to give them what was given to me to be a very successful Real Estate agent.

My funniest parenting moment: My daughter when she was little I always expressed to her that she was not allowed to say any curse words as most parents do. One day while watching the Red Sox game we played a little trick on her. She was about eight years old at the time. The pitcher that was pitching was Asian and his last name was Fukudome so we asked her what his name was and she said Fuck You Do Me as it looks like it would sound. Mike says Montavia how dare you talk like that jokingly and she started crying. We laughed and laughed and had to tell her no it’s OK and that was his name. She thought she was in so much trouble.

Hardest parenting moment: Dealing with the fact that my daughter doesn’t have a relationship with her real father, not knowing what to say to her about why he doesn’t know her, why he doesn’t contact her. The hardest thing is not knowing how she truly feels. See I have a wonderful relationship with my father so I can’t say to her honey I understand because I don’t. I can only console and be there for her when she needs to talk, cry, scream or just sit and cuddle.

If you could give someone advice what would it be: Listen to your children, pay attention to them. Talk to them and really listen to what they are saying. Let them know they can come to you with anything they need. Be present in their lives. You only get one chance to be a parent make it your best effort.

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