A #treatyoself post ♡

This has nothing really to do with anything except that I’m am so so freaking excited.  Ever since i was little i have LOVED A Christmas Story.  Every year i watch it for 24 hours on Christmas eve well into Christmas day.  My family (parents,  siblings,  my son) all have to endure this obsession.  So when i bought my home i said that i would gift myself a life size leg lamp.  However they are expensive so there was some planning and saving to be done. Emergencies happen so not a top priority ya know. 
However last week i had decided that it was time to #treatyoself  and i did it!  I splurged on my Christmas Story leg lamp and she is grand!  I can just see the “soft glow of electric sex” oozing from the fishnets and “knobby knee “.
  This will go perfectly in my living room window,  facing the street and i will tell anyone who asks that its a “major award”! I have never been more excited about a gift to myself! 



And of course i had to get myself this apron! 


go out & be awesome ♡ Denise

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