Oh Snap! Adventure #1 just got real!


Oh Snap! So as you guys may remember that Adventure #1 was to join a dating site and go on a real date. So just as a refresh i joined Coffee Meets Bagels and they send you one match a day based on your social media accounts and stuff. It was looking dismal until the other day i came across a profile and the guy had a literal Monkey on his back. I know that it sounds crazy but i laughed and with the helpful prodding of my best good friend Joann- we hit LIKE and then the waiting begins, because how it works is then my picture is put into his rotation and if he likes me then it will open up a chat window and we can begin communication, If he PASSES then nothing happens and I don’t get random d!%k pics in my e-mail. Which BTW if you are a male reading this-   that is never a good idea Bro. I don’t care what your friends tell you.

So i woke up this morning to a nice intro e-mail from him. Right off the bat he mentions my kid so that s cool. He didn’t graze over the fact that I’m a single mom. Pressure of bringing that up is gone. So now the hilariousness ensues as I mention it to my Awesome kid as we are waiting for the school bus

Me: Dude, you know the first adventure was me getting on a dating site

Amazing Kid: Yeah

Me: well i totally got a hit. Meaning he sent me a message. what do you think?

AK: Cool. I think you should answer back?

Me: really? you don’t think that’s weird?

AK: No whats weird is that….whens the last time you went on a date?

Me:…uh….does your dad count? i mean he took me out on my  birthday.

AK: OK No, what about before i was born?

Me: Uh your Dad before you were born

AK: Uh OK lets take Daddy out of the equation. Anybody before Dad? Anyone you went on a second date with?

Me: I mean…no second dates…uh i mean nothing formal it was more like hangouts

AK: Woooooow that’s pretty sad. I mean your life is pretty cool but the dating part is SAAAAAAD. Ok let me see a picture

Me: (whips out the app show the kid the pictures)

AK: HA! He has a monkey on his back- hahahaha. Heeeey that looks like me when ill be 40!

Me: Eeew. lol OK maybe but eeeew. Not what you say.

AK: Ok so if he asks you on a date, you should go. Ill go far away

Me: far away?! wth there’s no need for that.

AK: I mean ill get a babysitter or go hang out

Me: Oh. Yeah. that  (BTW the fact that my kid say he’ll find HIMSELF a babysitter should give you insight to the type of mini human I have been given by the great universe)

He then makes a joke about how we should freak my dates out and i join in with ideas until we are both in hysterics and then the bus pulls up. Man i love the $h!t out of this kid lol. So fast forward to me arriving at work. I answered him back just a quick hello e-mail and now we wait….

**Also for those that are new to the convos of me and AK. I know that this convo may seem a little inappropriate to have with your child. However me and AK have always been very open with each other. I am not trying to be his friend and I’m very much a Mom with the line drawn. However he likes to keep it real and does not like surprises. Plus i value his opinion on most things and hes pretty smart. You’ll see as the conversations go on – the dynamic we have. So please no bashing. remember this is for funsies. And if he needs therapy when he gets older i will gladly step up and pay the bill 😉

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