Well that went better than expected


First off let me start this by saying THANK YOU! really thank you – i started this website last night and was hesitant to do so- I put it on my personal FB and then created a Twitter and a Instagram account for it- because i guess that’s what you do in this day and age. I woke up to 70 visitors to this blog and i was Hooooly cow Batman! How awesome. I mean i know its not a lot but you have no idea what it means to me! So again and again and again I say thank you for coming on this wild ride with me. I’ll try my best not to let you down! ❤

Also if you want to support my crazy shenanigans check me out on Instagram

Adventures of Singlemomdom

or follow me on Twitter: SinglemomdomATL

Seriously so much love y’all ❤

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