Mini-venture with el niño


Mini adventure that reminds me of my singledom 😉 So i totally scored this awesome deal on a special screening to the movie Pan. I’m here with my awesome kid. We even won a prize pack of movie swag so all is cool. I will say that this is a family event so I’m surrounded by traditional nuclear families which honestly remind me very much that i am a single mom Which brings me to a quick update. No luck on the dating app, it’s as if the universe and the lords of the dating world are testing my patience or training me to be a nun. An awesome nun , but a nun nonetheless So what’s a girl to do? I ordered myself a spiked cherry limeade and I’m sipping on it in a manner so glorious that the parents around me wish they would have ordered liquor but are afraid of side eye and judgement. So who’s the real winner here? The coupled families or the girl who had the hindsight to order liquor in a room full of children? I think the answer is obvious . winner winner liquor for dinner! Stay thirsty my friends 😉

**UPDATE: whilst sipping on my beverage my name was pulled out in the raffle. We won a family pack of tickets to the Atlanta history museum. 2 adults and 4 children. Told you I was a winner. to find people to go with us

3 thoughts on “Mini-venture with el niño”

  1. Like your site, very nice
    Tatoo is awesome!! You have always been a wild spirit… I agree go were the wind takes you because life is to short for all the BS…

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