I need Ideas!


I need ideas for my adventures! I’ve been toying around with the idea of winging it when it comes to this. You know, just going about my day and seeing where it takes me. But see I’m a control freak so i kinda like to know where this is going. So I’m opening this up to suggestions and ideas from you good folks. What are some things you would do or like to see me try? I’ve come up with a few but haven’t necessarily decided on them. I’ll bounce it off of you. Possible Ideas

  • TRIATHLON : not like a full-fledged iron man sweet cheese and rice y’all. I have double d’s , a bad heel and a butt that likes to high-five my lower back because it sits so high. But maybe an indoor one something simple that might make me love the sport but not so crazy that I’m turned off by it.
  • SKY DIVING : Though the more i think about it, maybe this was something I should have done before I had a child. Something about having a kid that triggers the “oh shit I might die” switch that takes the fun out of it but I’m still open
  • HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE: now this may seem a little weird but I’ve been deathly afraid of doing this since I was a child for fear that the balloon would fly off into outer space and I would die. We know that’s impossible but u still may have to be slightly drunk when this happens
  • SPEED DATING: because nothing says let’s mess with our self-esteem in 5 minutes or less. But it may be fun.
  • A TRIP OR SEVERAL TRIPS: because life is short y’all and there’s so much to see!
  • BURLESQUE OR FLAMENCO dance classes. Because this really needs no explanation. It’s more of why wouldn’t you try this! and then of courseI realized that these will also bring on sub adventures which is kinda cool too. Either way please help a girl out and share your thoughts.

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