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The Village

I know I have said it many times and maybe even wrote about it here a time or two, but it goes without saying that i couldn’t do any of this without The Village.Yes, it sounds cliché. Its corny. We’ve all heard the saying “it takes a village” But there’s a reason that saying has … Continue reading The Village

If It Doesn’t Bring You Joy

Depression can really keep you away from the things you love. I’ve been “away” from this blog for exactly one year. Its crazy. To me it had just felt like a mere few months, but that’s how it works. It robs you of your time and if you don’t get a hold of it will … Continue reading If It Doesn’t Bring You Joy

The Aftermath

After losing nearly 100 lbs ive developed the opposite of what people may think would happen. Insecurity and body dismorphic issues. Which is at times overwhelming and drowns out rational thinking. I was looking through photos last night and found a face picture that for the first time really let me see how far ive … Continue reading The Aftermath

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